Sunday, January 20, 2019

Capital Return


Capital return is the break-even point where the costs of expenses and income are in a balanced condition so there is no loss or profit. You do not reap the benefits but do not also suffer losses.

Based on the Quarterly-2018 Financial Report (September 2018), the equity of PT. Mayora Indah Tbk (MYOR) amounting to Rp.7,861,407,734,984.00 with the number of outstanding shares totaling 22,358,699,725 shares. Therefore, the book value is IDR 351.60 per share.

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When you buy MYOR shares at a price of Rp2,650 per share (closing price of the stock on January 2, 2019), the price to book value or PBV ratio is 7.54 times (more expensive).

If in the future the number of MYOR outstanding shares remains at 22,358,699,725 shares, your investment will break even point (BEP) when MYOR equity reaches (Rp. 7,861,407,734,984.00 x 7.54) = Rp59,250,554,271,250, 00.

Thus, hopefully useful.

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