Sunday, March 3, 2019

Get By Giving


Whoever brings good deeds, for him (reward) ten times the charity, and whoever brings evil deeds, he is not given revenge but is balanced with his evil, while they are not at all persecuted (Surah Al-An'am; 160).
Mr. Ikhlas gets an income (money) every month of Rp10 million, and every month Rp1 million is spent for infaq / donation to people who are less able (worthy of help) around his residence, so that the remaining income is received by Mr. Ikhlas every month in the amount of Rp. 9 million, or in a year of only Rp. 9 million x 12 months = Rp. 108 million.
So does Mr. Kedekut, earning Rp10 million in income every month, the same as Mr. Ikhlas, but Mr. Kedekut has never issued any infaq, so that the income received by Mr. Kedekut every month does not decrease a bit, remains intact for Rp10 million, or in a year of Rp10 million x 12 months = Rp120 million.
From the description above, it appears that the income received by Mr. Kedekut in a year is more than IDR 12 million compared to the income received by Mr. Ikhlas. But is that true?
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Based on QS. 6; 160 above, Allah promises a 10-fold reply for good deeds we do. Therefore, we recalculate the amount of income obtained by Mr. Ikhlas and Mr. Kedekut in 1 (one) year. Lets see :

Mr. Kedekut routinely infuses Rp.1 million every month, and Alloh repays 10 times as much, then the income earned by Mr. Ikhlas is not Rp9 million every month, but Rp10 million - Rp1 million + (Rp1 million x 10) = Rp19 million, so that the income obtained by Mr. Ikhlas in 1 year is IDR 19 million x 12 months = IDR 222 million.
Mr. Kedekut, who has never been infaqed, and Alloh does not give an infaq / charity reply to Mr. Kedekut, then the income earned by Mr. Kedekut every month is still Rp10 Million which is Rp10 million - Rp0 + (Rp. X10) = Rp10 million, so income the one obtained by Mr. Kedekut in 1 year was only Rp10 million x 12 months = Rp120 million.
Thus, for the infaq / charity issued, in the end, Mr. Ikhlas received more than Rp. 108 million compared to what was received by Mr. Kedekut.
So does Mr. Ikhlas receive it in cash? Not necessarily. It could be in another form, for example Mr. Ikhlas who was destined to be sick and could only recover if he went to the doctor for a fee of IDR 108 million, it turned out that his illness was not due to the infaq / charity.
But is it possible for Mr. Ikhlas to get it in cash? It could be, for example, out of nowhere and how the story suddenly, Mr. Ikhlas got a job / business whose value of profit reached IDR 108 million.
Even the benefits of infaq can be in other forms that we don't realize. What if after feeling like it turns out we haven't felt we can be rewarded as the example above for our infaq / donation? It is a test, how much our faith in His word. Why is it called a test? Because Allah must keep his promise. If we have not received a reply in the world, then we will certainly get a reply in the hereafter (after death).
Then if it turns out we don't have enough money to give money / charity because to cover our monthly living needs is not enough, even still owing here and there? Then berinfak / charity is in another form, for example; being fair between two people, saying good and gentle, even helping to cross an old grandmother who was struggling to cross on the highway, that was another form of alms.
And that is, philosophy gets by giving. Although heavy, even very heavy, but we must get used to it, hopefully fulfilling and perfecting our lives.
Thus, hopefully useful.

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